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About Gore Gore Girls

Formed in Detroit, MI, in 1997, Gore Gore Girls were one of the pioneers in the garage rock revival underground of the southeastern Michigan area. Their campy image and name may have suggested a poppy punk band, but the actual sound was a far more appealing blend of girl group melodies and garage rock attitude. They were originally made up of guitarist Amy Surdu, drummer Jeff Klein, and bassist Paula Regalado. In 1998, Deanne Iovan joined, taking Regalado's place when she left the band. Deb Agolli signed up to play drums and sing, and the new lineup recorded a single before unveiling Strange Girls in 2000. Before the release the band was shaken up, as they lost Agolli after the recording, and plugged in guitarist Melody Licious, formerly of Broadzilla, after she left Stroker Ace. Shifts within Gore Gore Girls continued for the remaining months. Iovan left in spring 2001 and drummer Monica Breen fit the skins so the band could record its third album, Up All Night. Prior to its release, Breen left and ex-Inside Out Cathy Carrell took the permanent drum seat. Up All Night was released in the summer of 2002 to a good response, which reflected the excitement that had grown in the Detroit scene from the success of scene favorites the White Stripes. The group became a favorite on Steven Van Zandt's popular Underground Garage radio program, even making an appearance alongside Iggy & the Stooges, the New York Dolls, and the Pretty Things at Van Zandt's garage rock festival in New York City. The band returned to the studio in 2004 for the 7x4 EP, followed by their full-length debut for Bloodshot Records, the Jim Diamond-produced Get the Gore in 2007. ~ Bradley Torreano

Detroit, MI

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