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Influential German techno artist Wolfgang Voigt has received the greatest acclaim for his ambient techno recordings under the moniker Gas. Inspired by childhood experiences in the forest near his hometown, the music is lush and expansive, combining steady, hypnotic 4/4 beats with dense layers of ambient sounds. Much of the material was created from slowed-down samples of pop, disco, and classical music, which were manipulated and altered beyond recognition. The tracks are typically lengthy and don't have proper beginnings or endings, functioning as sound environments rather than typical songs. Nevertheless, there is something highly accessible about the recordings, and their following has continued to grow since their initial appearance during the '90s. Voigt released four full-lengths, from 1996's Gas to 2000's well-regarded Pop, and returned to the project with remixes and performances, as well as an additional series of albums, from 2017's Narkopop to 2021's Der Lange Marsch.

Köln, Germany
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