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About Gabi Delgado

Vocalist/lyricist Gabi Delgado (born Gabi Delgado-Lopez) provided the backbone for Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (aka DAF and D.A.F.), an experimental collaboration between German and American musicians. The group, which produced half a dozen impressive albums between 1979-1982, continued to explore new musical realms after reuniting in 1986. The impetus that resulted in the launching of Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft was stirred when Delgado met sequencer/drummer Robert Görl, who had sung with several punk bands, in 1977. Agreeing to pool their resources, Delgado and Görl recorded the first Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft album, Produkt der Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, two years later. Released solely in Germany, the album featured 22 short, untitled instrumental fragments. Relocating to London, Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft performed their first concert at the Marquee Club. Signing with the independent Mute label, they released a single, "Kebabtraume," before experiencing personnel shifts. They recorded their first album for the label, Die Kleinen und die Bösen, as a duo. Despite switching to the larger Virgin label for their third album, Alles Ist Gut, in 1981, Delgado and Görl were frustrated by their lack of commercial success. After releasing what they considered their final album, Für Immer, in 1982, they separated, with Delgado continuing to perform with Delkom. Briefly reunited in 1985, Delgado and Görl permanently resumed their partnership, joined by Teo Schulte, after succumbing to the urges of Berlin DJ Wotan Wilke in 1994. Since reuniting, the band has performed as DAF Dos and OPD Operation DAF. ~ Craig Harris

Córdoba, Spain
April 18, 1958

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