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A German hardcore rapper with a Miami bass revival style and sexually explicit lyrics, Frauenarzt was highly active in the Berlin underground rap scene for a decade before scoring the Top Ten breakout hit "Das Geht Ab" in 2009. Born Vincento de Marcos on October 18, 1978, he hails from Berlin-Tempelhof, Germany, and began his rap career in the late '90s. In partnership with DJ Manny Marc, Frauenarzt founded the label Bassboxxx in 1998 and assembled a collective of Berlin underground rappers called the Bass Crew that includes MC Basstard, King Orgasmus, Mach One, MC Bogy, and others. German rap superstar Bushido was loosely affiliated with the collective for a while. The first release on Bassboxxx was BC (1999), a Frauenarzt cassette that features several of his Bass Crew affiliates. Subsequent full-length releases by Frauenarzt on Bassboxx include Untergrund Solo (2000), Tanga Tanga (2000), and Porno Party (2002). The highlights of his tenure with the label during the late '90s and early 2000s are compiled on Bassboxxx: Greatest Hits 1998-2003 (2003). During the mid-2000s Frauenarzt's notoriety as a hardcore rapper was enhanced when Porno Mafia (2006), a collaborative album with King Orgasmus, was confiscated by the German authorities due to its explicit content. The controversy sparked interest in his subsequent full-length solo album, Dr. Sex (2007). Frauenarzt and Manny Marc then launched a new label in association with Kontor Records, Atzen Musik, and released a various-artists sampler, Atzen Musik, Vol. 1 (2008), which spawned the hit singles "Florida Lady" and "Das Geht Ab," the latter of which was a Top Ten hit in 2009.

    Berlin-Tempelhof, Germany
  • BORN
    October 18, 1978

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