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Singer-songwriter Evann McIntosh began playing guitar at age nine. ∙ Her eighth grade math teacher encouraged her to write songs, suggesting topics to write about during lunch breaks. ∙ Impressed by clips that McIntosh posted on the internet, hip-hop producer Jesty Beatz (Holy Mattress Money) reached out to her in 2017 about collaborating. ∙ At age 14, she released her first single, 2018’s Jesty Beatz-produced “Better Now.” ∙ McIntosh self-released her full-length debut, 2019’s MOJO, which landed her a deal with the Mom+Pop label (Courtney Barnett, Tycho). ∙ In 2020, she teamed up with LA rapper Lil Mop for her popular single “WIYULD.”

Monterey, CA, United States of America