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In the artist’s words: Describe one of your earliest musical memories in detail. I remember taking a family drive through downtown Birmingham, AL, and my dad playing an 8-track tape of Wes Montgomery's 1968 album, California Dreaming. I was blown away at how a guitar could sound like someone singing. My love of jazz began here. What are your top 3 all-time favorite albums on Apple Music, and why? Why did you choose these three albums in particular? George Benson, Breezin' Stevie Wonder, Music Of My Mind The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Electric Ladyland When I think about albums that were pivotal in my development as a young musician, these are the ones that made the greatest impact on me early in my life. Of course, there are a few others, but these were the most important. They still are. Find a song of yours on Apple Music that you love and tell us what makes it special. Tell us why you chose this song. “Wichita Lineman” I love this song so much that I recorded it twice on two separate albums: once in 2000 before Glen Campbell, who first recorded the song, passed away, and the second time was in 2018 after he died. That version is more somber and reflective. What’s one of the most memorable moments in your career so far? Writing, producing and recording the score for a film documentary on the late civil rights icon, Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth who I have always admired as a person of unwavering courage and conviction in the face of all odds. Is there anything left on your bucket list as an artist or band? I would love to be considered by my peers for a Grammy award. I would also like to tour more extensively in Europe, Africa and Japan!

United States of America
December 29, 1959

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