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Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias

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Though his first albums were recorded mostly in English, since the mid-’90s Enrique Iglesias has become the undisputed king of Latin pop by applying his breathy romantic charisma to the ever-changing musical desires of young Latin audiences—more than fulfilling the expectations that come with being the son of an international pop titan like Julio Iglesias. Born in Madrid in 1975, Enrique recorded his first album pseudonymously, without his father's knowledge and with the financial assistance of his nanny. His 2000 breakout album, Enrique, included such hits as "Bailamos" and "Be with You" and paved the way for its even more successful follow-up, Escape. He has subsequently topped 70 million album sales and more than two dozen No. 1 Spanish-language singles on Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks chart. In addition to the AOR ballads that made him perpetually popular with female fans, Enrique has continued to surf the contemporary Latin stylebook alongside Pitbull, Romeo Santos, Jennifer Lopez, and other in-vogue collaborators who help keep his sound fresh. A link between Latin pop's past and present, he's also enjoyed a successful sideline writing hits for other artists, including Andrea Bocelli and Lopez.

    Madrid, Spain
  • BORN
    May 8, 1975

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