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Emotional Oranges

Emotional Oranges

About Emotional Oranges

Emotional Oranges are an anonymous R&B duo who hide their identities to keep the focus on their sultry music.

• It’s been said that prior to forming Emotional Oranges, male singer “A” worked as Drake’s audio engineer, while female vocalist “V” was Adele’s vocal coach.
• The pair met in 2017, when A’s best friend and roommate was dating V. A was inspired by V’s voice, and when they sat down for a writing session, they knocked out the song “Unless You’re Drowning” in 30 minutes.
• Their 2018 debut single, “Motion,” became the official theme song for RuPaul’s Drag Race.
• In May 2019, Emotional Oranges released their debut EP The Juice: Vol. I. A second installment followed that November.

    Los Angeles, CA

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