About Emma

Pop singer Emma topped the charts in 2010 with her debut EP after winning the reality show Amici di Maria De Filippi. Born Emma Marrone on May 25, 1984, she rose to fame in 2003 as the winner of the reality show Popstars. In the wake of her success, she formed the pop trio Lucky Star with Laura Pisu and Columba Pane. They released a full-length, LS3 (2006), which proved unsuccessful. Emma subsequently teamed up with Antonio Tunno (guitar), Simone Melissano (bass), and DJ Corbella (turntables) in the group M.J.U.R., which made its debut in 2008 on Dracma Records, and success again proved elusive. Her solo debut came in 2010 with Oltre. The EP and lead single, "Calore," topped the charts. The follow-up single, "Meravigliosa," was also a smash hit.

    Florence, Italy
  • BORN
    May 25, 1984

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