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As Emerald Web, the production and composing team of Bob Stohl and Kat Epple helped pioneer electronic music as new age ambiance with their textured, meditative film and TV scores, live event and venue music, and original releases that incorporated not only synthesizers but components like electronic wind instruments side by side with their acoustic counterparts. At times, the duo also arranged voice into their compositions. Active from 1977 to 1989, they made a mark on '80s new age and progressive music alike with albums such as Dragon Wings and Wizard Tales (1979) and Nocturne (1983), which drew on experimentation and classical, environmental, and pure fantasy inspirations. Emerald Web's final album, Manatee Dreams of Neptune, was released in 1990 following Stohl's accidental death. Renewed interest in the couple's music over later decades led to releases like 2013's The Stargate Tapes 1979-1982 and subsequent remasters of their catalog.

Berkeley, CA, United States
August 21, 1978

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