About Elder

Elder are an explorative American heavy metal group who take inspiration from progressive rock almost as much as from stoner metal. Emerging in 2006, the band have continued to hone their sound on each successive release, with efforts like Reflections of a Floating World (2017) and Omens (2020) incorporating elements of doom, sludge, prog-folk, and heavy-psych into the mix.

Elder formed in Massachusetts in 2005 behind singer and main songwriter Nick DiSalvo; bass player Jack Donovan and drummer Matt Couto completed the lineup. The trio released their self-titled debut on Meteor City Records in 2008. Their second album, Dead Roots Stirring, followed two years later on Meteor City and Headspin Productions, with the EP Spires Burn/Release arriving via Armageddon in 2012. Amsterdam-based Roadburn Records then issued the festival set Live at Roadburn 2013 early in 2014.

Digging a bit deeper into psychedelia and '70s prog rock influences, Elder incorporated Mellotron into their third studio LP, 2015's Lore, released by Armageddon in the U.S. and Stickman Records in the E.U. The same labels handled 2017's Reflections of a Floating World, Elder's first album with guest musicians Mike Risberg and Michael Samos, who added extra guitar, pedal steel, and keyboards to the group's sonic arsenal. The band explored krautrock and jazz on 2019's experimental Gold & Silver Sessions EP and groove-laden space rock and heavy psych on 2020's full-length Omens.

    New Bedford, MA

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