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David Morales

David Morales

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New York's David Morales is a pioneering house producer and DJ whose remix and production work for countless pop stars helped push dance music into the mainstream. He formed the early remix team Def Mix Productions with Frankie Knuckles, and reworked songs by Mariah Carey, Michael and Janet Jackson, and Whitney Houston, winning a 1998 Grammy for Best Remixer. He also scored major club hits with his own productions, particularly 1994's "In de Ghetto" and 1998's "Needin' U" (a U.K. Top Ten hit). One of the world's first superstar DJs, he's been known to push a harder sound than his studio work would suggest, and he's remained in demand, regularly selling out shows decades into his career. As a solo artist, he's been especially prolific since the early 2000s, releasing uplifting, vocal-heavy albums like 2004's 2 Worlds Collide, and exploring deep, heavy grooves with releases like 2021's Parkside Ave.

    Brooklyn, NY
  • BORN
    August 21, 1961

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