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The lead vocalist of 1980s post-punk band Taxi-Girl, Daniel Darc has continued to raise eyebrows as a soloist. An outspoken bisexual who sings in French and Hebrew, Darc radiates intensity. Accidentally cutting his arm during a concert on December 10, 1979, he continued to sing while blood dripped from his injury. His repertoire includes such bone-chilling ditties as "I Will Kill You, I Will Kill You Slowly."
Launching his musical career while still in college, Darc was embraced by the Parisian punk community. Forming a band, Taxi Girl, with keyboardist Laurent Biehler and drummer Pierre Wolfsohn in 1978, he made his recording debut with the single "Yes, Me." Signed by the Incredible Alexis, who had previously worked with Malcolm McLaren and the Sex Pistols, the group built a solid following in France. Their debut album, Seppuku, which featured an appearance by Darc's alter-ego, Viviane Vog, was released in 1981.
Despite their growing popularity, Darc and Taxi-Girl continued to be plagued by setbacks. While Wolfsohn succumbed to an overdose, Laurent left the band after several arguments with Darc. Although they subsequently released an EP, Cette Fille Est une Erreur, and nationally broadcast French TV station France 2 devoted an entire show to the group's music, the band played its final concerts in 1985. Embarking on a solo career, Darc signed with Epic and released three singles -- "Pans Sans Te Retourner," "Sous Influence Divine," and "La Ville" -- before recording his debut solo album, Parce Que, in 1988. His second solo album, Nijinsky, followed in 1994. ~ Craig Harris

    Brooklyn, NY
  • BORN
    May 20, 1959

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