Common Market

About Common Market

Made up of producer Sabzi (also of the Blue Scholars) and MC RA Scion, the Seattle-based duo known as Common Market produce positive hip-hop, blending elevated, politically-conscious lyrics with finely-crafted true-school beats. After years spent in the Pacific Northwest burgeoning underground scene, the two came together through their shared faith in the Bahá'í religion and then collaborated on two tracks for RA Scion’s 2004 solo album, LIVE AND LEARN. A year later, they independently released a 14-track self-titled LP which garnered praise from both critics and industry heavyweights including KRS-One. In 2006, COMMON MARKET was released nationally on Massline Media. In 2008, the duo released the politically-charged, conceptual EP, BLACK PATCH WAR, which was followed by their long-awaited second album, TOBACCO ROAD, just months later.

Seattle, WA, United States of America