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A self-described "global pop star" from Dublin, CMAT crafts smart, witty songs that have a pronounced country influence without spoiling their up-to-date pop sensibilities. Citing Dolly Parton and Katy Perry as equal influences, CMAT's songs reflect the outlook of a contemporary woman examining everyday life through the lens of kitschy pop culture, finding room to comment on relationships, mental health, and self-image with a serious intent that doesn't blunt her sense of humor. The tunes are radio-friendly pop that finds room for the sunny and mournful duality of classic country. If her material is built on contradictions, she presents a clever, unified creative vision on her 2022 debut album, If My Wife New I'd Be Dead. The country influences faded a bit on her second LP, 2023's Crazymad, For Me, but the emotions cut deeper in its 11 songs about the crash and burn of a failed relationship.

Dublin, Ireland
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