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Circuit des Yeux

Circuit des Yeux

About Circuit des Yeux

The primary project of Chicago-based singer/songwriter and musician Haley Fohr, Circuit des Yeux crafts haunting, emotionally complex music that relates to the human condition. Centered around Fohr's arresting, four-octave voice and inventive 12-string guitar playing, her music evolved from noisy, lo-fi beginnings to exquisitely arranged albums such as 2015's In Plain Speech and 2017's Reaching for Indigo, which received much critical acclaim. Fohr has also diverted from the more introspective work of her main alias with the fantasy-themed alter ego Jackie Lynn, which blends country, disco, and synth pop influences. Circuit des Yeux returned in 2021 with -io, which featured grand orchestral arrangements played by over a dozen musicians from Chicago's jazz, classical, and experimental music scenes.

    Lafayette, IN

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