About Chromeo

With a love of talkboxes, vintage drum machines, and gleamingly plastic synth tones, Montreal electro-funk duo Chromeo looked to the deepest echelon of '80s funk and radio R&B to develop their sound. While wearing the influence of Zapp, Prince, and even Hall & Oates on their sleeve, the pair's style would grow more refined as the years went on, with production getting more detailed as their songwriting became more nuanced. The band's homage to the greats of the dancefloor and their unbridled worship of pop found their summit on their star-studded, breakout fourth album, 2014's White Women. Another full-length, Head Over Heels, appeared in 2018 followed by an EP and their first live album, 2022's Date Night: Chromeo Live!.

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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