Christian McBride
Christian McBride

Christian McBride

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With his bold, swinging style and robust sound, Christian McBride is one of the foremost jazz bassists of his generation. Playing alongside other Young Lions like trumpeter Roy Hargrove and saxophonist Joshua Redman, McBride came to prominence in the '90s, championed by elders including longtime idol and mentor Ray Brown. His early albums like 1994's Gettin' to It displayed his hard-swinging, acoustic post-bop sound, yet he proved his versatility and broad stylistic ear, as on 1998's Family Affair, embracing electric fusion, funk, and soul. Still, jazz remains his focus, as with his trio and Inside Straight quintet, showcased on 2013's Out Here and People Music, respectively. He has earned more than five Grammy Awards, including two with his big band, as on 2017's Bringin' It. McBride moves easily between small groups and larger projects like 2020's The Movement Revisited: A Musical Portrait of Four Icons.

    Philadelphia, PA
  • BORN
    May 31, 1972

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