Celina González
Celina González

Celina González

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Celina Gonzalez is one of the great vocalists of Afro-Cuban music. Although little known outside of Cuba, Gonzalez has been a major star in her homeland since the 1940s when she shared a duo with her late husband, Reutillio Dominguez. In the decade before the Cuban Revolution, Gonzalez and Dominguez developed a large following for their vocals harmonies and lightly-arranged,guitar and percussion, approach to musica campesina, a rural style of salsa. Although they continued to perform after the Revolution, the duo was prevented from taking their music out of Cuba. Since her husband's death in 1971, Gonzalez has been accompanied by larger groups including her son, Rene Lima's band, Campo Alegre. Gonzalez's greatest success as a songwriter came when her song, "Santa Barbara," was recorded by Celia Cruz.

    Jovellanos, Matanzas Province, Cu
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