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From the 1990s onward, Buffalo Daughter have been a consistently inventive force in Japanese music. Though they've been associated with the Shibuya-kei scene -- which was at its peak when the band emerged -- their vibrant mix of funk, dub, no wave, electronic music, and noise is more overtly experimental, with roots in the work of Neu! and Kraftwerk. Buffalo Daughter's genre-mashing style first made an international splash with 1996's EP compilation Captain Vapour Athletes, which was released by Grand Royal, the Beastie Boys' tastemaking label. From there, the group leaned into the different sides of their sound, honing their sleek motorik rhythms on 1998's New Rock and adding orchestral and acoustic touches to 2002's I. Though their output slowed in the 2010s, Buffalo Daughter proved they were as musically restless as ever with albums including 2010's hip-hop-influenced Weapons of Math Destruction and 2021's kinetic and politically charged We Are the Times.

Tokyo, Japan

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