Bruce Hornsby & The Range
Bruce Hornsby & The Range

Bruce Hornsby & The Range

About Bruce Hornsby & The Range

Bruce Hornsby began his music career as a songwriter, eventually catching the ear of Huey Lewis, who would produce his debut with The Range.

∙ The band’s biggest hit, “The Way It Is,” went multiplatinum and remained on the charts for more than a year.
∙ “The Way It Is” was sampled in E-40’s “Things’ll Never Change,” Snoop Dogg’s “Can’t Say Goodbye,” and 2Pac’s Grammy-nominated “Changes.”
∙ In 1987, the band earned the Grammy Award for Best New Artist.
∙ Huey Lewis & The News scored a No. 1 hit with Hornsby’s song “Jacob’s Ladder,” which later appeared on The Range’s album Scenes from the Southside.
∙ Hornsby performed extensively with Grateful Dead in the early ’90s, and he credits Jerry Garcia’s “timeless” songwriting for influencing his own work.
∙ Hornsby has composed more than 200 songs for director Spike Lee, including tracks for the Oscar-winning film BlacKkKlansman.

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