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About Boris

Japanese sludge/doom rock trio Boris took their name from a Melvins song. The two bands share a fondness for heavily downtuned guitar/bass tones and exceedingly slow tempos. Boris have also variously drawn from psychedelic rock, punk, noise, minimalism, and drone music, evidenced by their periodic Heavy Rocks albums. Their records can be conceptual projects: 2001's Absolutego was a feedback-heavy, 65-minute single track of feedback drones; 2005's Flood was also a lone track focusing on minimalist/phase music, and 2006's Altar was a collaboration with Sunn O))). The band also partnered with psych guitar enigma Michio Kurihara (2008's Cloud Chamber) and power electronics/noise legend Merzbow (2013's Gensho, for one). Following 2017's Dear, which wove together doom metal, noise, and overdriven shoegaze sounds, Boris issued the companion releases No (2020) and W early in 2022, and collaborated with New York's Uniform on 2023's Bright New Disease.

Tokyo, Japan

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