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Paris-born DJ and producer Bob Sinclar mixes the “French touch” style of house music with sunny reggae influences to create bright, feel-good songs.

• The artist worked in hip-hop and jazz before adopting the alias Bob Sinclar for his turn toward house music. He took the name from the main character in the 1973 film Le Magnifique.
• His 1998 debut album, Paradise, perfectly captures the sample-heavy, disco-inspired “French touch” sound of late-’90s Paris. The single “Gym Tonic,” featuring a vocal sample of Jane Fonda, received a remix from Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter.
• Sinclar’s fourth album, Western Dream, is his most famous album. It showcases a more original sound, incorporating reggae singers, acoustic guitars, uplifting melodies, and disco grooves.
Western Dream birthed the mega-hit singles “Love Generation” and “World, Hold On (Children of the Sky),” both of which charted in more than 20 countries and reached No. 1 on US Dance charts.
• He collaborated with the famed rhythm section Sly & Robbie on the 2010 album Made in Jamaica, which earned a Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album.

    Paris, France
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