About Beulah

Channeling Gram Parsons through a wall of Elephant 6 sound, San Francisco’s Beulah created pure, heartfelt pop, jangly folk tales with a singing cowboy lilt. Miles Kurofsky and Bill Swan met in a corporate mailroom in 1994; talk led to shared musical inspirations and ambitions and a collaboration, the result of which attracted Apples in Stereo’s like-minded Robert Schneider who oversaw HANDSOME WESTERN STATES. The duo grew to a loosely structured band with a layered sound built on fulsome indie rock rich with piano flourishes and wandering horns. However, with 2003’s YOKO, fueled by a flurry of sad separations, Beulah returned to simplicity on a record recorded in one day in one room with few overdubs, emerging with their most exquisite record. And then they were done.

    San Francisco, CA

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