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Orlando, Florida's Before You Exit first emerged in the late 2000s with a fairly straightforward melodic pop punk/emo sound before transitioning in 2014 to an exuberant, passionate sound combining acoustic balladry, emo-pop, and dance-oriented electronica.
Formed in 2007, the group showcases the talents of siblings Riley McDonough (vocals), Connor McDonough (vocals, guitar, keyboards), and Toby McDonough (vocals, guitar, keyboards). Early on, the group received attention opening for such acts as All Time Low, Olly Murs, and the Vamps. Their early EPs, including 2009's A Short Story Long, 2011's Letting Go, and 2013's I Like That, all leaned toward a more rock-based pop-punk sound. In 2016 they released their fourth EP, All the Lights, which saw the band transitioning into a lighter, electronic-based pop style that continued on subsequent singles like 2017's "Strangers" and 2018's "Silence." ~ Matt Collar

    Orlando, FL

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