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Band of Horses

About Band of Horses

The rock group Band of Horses was formed by singer/guitarist Ben Bridwell after the breakup of his previous act, Carissa’s Wierd.

Pitchfork ranked their debut single, “The Funeral,” at No. 67 on their list of 200 Best Songs of the 2000s.
· “The Funeral” appeared in dozens of films and TV shows, including Gossip Girl,One Tree Hill, and How I Met Your Mother.
· Infinite Arms, their first Top 10 LP, was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Alternative Album.
· Ben Bridwell collaborated with Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam on an album of cover songs, Sing Into My Mouth.
· Bridwell released Infinite Arms, Mirage Rock, and Sing Into My Mouth on his label, Brown Records.
· Their 2016 album, Why Are You OK, was produced by Jason Lytle of the band Grandaddy.

    Seattle, WA

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