Bad Boys Blue

About Bad Boys Blue

Bad Boys Blue’s membership has changed multiple times over the years. With two of the group’s core members deceased as of 2011, founder and frontman Briton John McInerney ropes in miscellaneous musicians for individual projects. Formed in Cologne, Germany, as a multinational trio, the band consisted of Jamaica-born Trevor “Supa T” Taylor, who passed away in 2008; McInerney, who hailed from the UK; and American musician Andrew Thomas, who died in 2009. Though they’ve maintained their sound since their formation in 1984, Bad Boys Blue always update their style accordingly to suit whatever era they find themselves in. They incorporated rave in their ‘90s and 2000s releases, and EDM permeates their releases since the 2010s, but they retain techno-pop and disco as their roots. The group’s vast catalog traces through a timeline of dance music across successive decades and portrays them as a group whose refusal to remake their 1985 breakout single “You’re A Woman,” with its spacious 808 sound, deems them unpredictable and keeps them modern.


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