About Babaloo

The eclectic act Babaloo was formed in 1994 by the extended members of a quasi-communal living arrangement in Boston, Massachusetts. Describing their music as "punk mambo" and "hardcore juju," the septet, led by a vocalist dubbed El Presidente al Dente (who also contributes musically on kazoo and maracas) combines samba, reggae, and ska (among other genres). Rounding out the group is La'Zik Chillem, La Anguila, Pongo Jankowitz, Peter Pants, El Plenero de Pepino, and Slim "Family Man" Goodbody. Through Butcher's Ghost, the group has released Hardcore Juju (1999), Punk Mambo (2000), and En Vivo (2001), a set that captured Babaloo's frenetic live performances. ~ Tom Demalon

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