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A producer and DJ, as well as operator of the Proibito label, Anthony Naples is a Brooklyn-based artist whose tracks have been termed "outsider house." The tag might fit only because Naples didn't intend to have his work played in clubs, since most of his output -- despite off-center touches and occasional challenges for DJs -- is functional for dancefloors. Naples, who grew up hearing Miami bass in his hometown and later got into experimental electronic music -- including that of the Warp label -- debuted on the Mister Saturday Night label in 2012 with "Mad Disrespect," a mellow, slightly vaporous track with clever sample usage. During the next couple years, additional tracks materialized on labels like Rubadub and The Trilogy Tapes. Body Pill, his first album, was released in February 2015 on Kieran Hebden's TEXT label. ~ Andy Kellman

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