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In the artist’s words: Describe one of your earliest musical memories in detail. My dad is an award-winning concert pianist and I grew up listening to him play profound pieces in the living room every day. My mom is an Ashkenazi Jewish hippie, and love is my religion - I got no denomination. My music? it's multiracial like me. What are your top 3 all-time favorite albums on Apple Music, and why? Why did you choose these three albums in particular? Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley, Nas, Distant Relatives (Bonus Track Version) Jr. Gong and Nas, to me, represent the epitome of what conscious music sounds like when it's commercially appealing. That's what I strive to achieve sonically, and my ultimate goal is to imprint a long-lasting wave of positive impact on my listeners. Find a song of yours on Apple Music that you love and tell us what makes it special. Tell us why you chose this song. “Same Skies (First Class)” "Same Skies" is me tipping my hat to all those who fly as high as I do. There's enough room in first class for everyone who has a vision and works hard to achieve it. What’s one of the most memorable moments in your career so far? I vividly remember performing in Rwanda, East Africa, at the Ubumuntu Arts Festival. I visited a school where the kids taught me a dance they made up to my own I brought them on stage with me at the festival! And the crowd new every word!! Is there anything left on your bucket list as an artist or band? My current goal is to build enough tangible momentum to where I can put my live band on a healthy salary. I want the anthems I make for powerful causes like 211 Helpline to be heard and felt. And long-term, I wanna give hope by being dope every day.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States

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