About Tropkillaz

Featuring veteran producer Zegon and relative newcomer Laudz, the Brazilian duo Tropkillaz blend bass music, hip-hop, Latin sounds, and more.

• Zegon was a member of the alt-hip-hop group N.A.S.A., which released the album The Spirit of Apollo in 2009. The star-studded LP features Tom Waits, David Byrne, and members of the Wu-Tang Clan, among others.
• Before linking with Zegon, Laudz worked with Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and big-name Brazilian rappers.
• Tropkillaz debuted with 2015’s “Bugg That A$$,” which reworked the beat to Big Sean’s 2011 hit “Dance,” then broke through that same year with “Mambo.”
• In 2017, Tropkillaz teamed with singer Anitta, rappers Maejor and Mc Zaac, and DJ Yuri Martins for “Vai malandra.” Translating to “Go Bad Girl,” the catchy bilingual single has surpassed a half-billion streams across platforms.
• In 2020, the Tropkillaz earned a Latin platinum plaque from the RIAA for “Bola Rebola,” a collaboration with J Balvin and Anitta, featuring Mc Zaac.
• The Tropkillaz have been commissioned to remix songs by everyone from Bob Marley to Billy Idol, Lenny Kravitz to Chromeo.

    Sao Paulo, Brazil

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