“I've been working on the concept for a while,” YOVNGCHIMI tells Apple Music about his full-length debut album. “I feel like I got it right where it needs to be.” The Puerto Rican rapper’s singles campaign throughout 2023 cemented his status in the Latin trap and drill scene. But even as he was grinding in the studio and preparing his first album, he knew to feed the streets with a mixtape, the DJ Drama-hosted Gangsta Grillz: Mvrda Gvng. “It was an honor to work with Drama,” he says. “Drama is a legend!” That iconic hip-hop co-sign and features by the likes of G Herbo, Rich The Kid, and Shawny Binladen foreshadowed the bilingual heft of WLGS. Boasting collabs with French Montana, Bryant Myers, Southside, and more, the album operates on a level beyond language barriers to deliver a ruthless rap attack with a few other genre teases mixed in. “I felt like working with them was going to give the album the touch that I wanted,” he says of these team-ups. “I mixed what was going on in Puerto Rico with the swag that motherfuckers bring in the US.” Read on to learn the details behind some of the album’s highlights—in his own words. “Glizzy Walk 3” “‘Glizzy Walk’ is a series of songs that I do since the beginning. It's a freestyle song of what's going on with me in my life and career. It has the touch of street and points out the progress we're doing from ‘Glizzy Walk’ 1 and 2. It brings the vibe that I want for an album. That's why I wanted to start with ‘Glizzy Walk 3,’ especially since this is a song that people already know is hype already with the name, because they know the series.” “Megvtron” “I have everything on the album, even more commercial songs for the ladies. I have songs that I'm touching base with guys in the American community. But the first three songs, ‘Glizzy Walk 3,’ ‘Full of Diamonds,’ and ‘Megvtron,’ are basically what I'm about on this music-type shit. I wanted to start the album with my strongest line, you feel me?” “Grave Digger” (feat. Southside) “Back when I wasn't doing music, I used to always listen to a lot of rappers. I used to know a lot about Southside and a lot of producers that are legends in the producing area, with these guys from ATL. They made it big. He's one of the best trap producers. It’s amazing for me and it's an honor to work with him.” “Bandida Fina” (feat. Ozuna) “Honestly, we did a song and he dropped it and I wanted to have him on my album too. I told him I wanted to do a reggaetón like what he does, like what he's the best on, and bring me in Ozuna's wave, basically—but in my album. I feel like it's one of the top songs of the album.” “Tu$$I” (feat. Dei V) “I like the vibe of that track because it's for the ladies. But it's still on a different type of R&B beat, a little more movement than R&B, because R&B is kind of slow. Dei V, he's one of my main partners; he’s like my family. He's one of the reasons that I'm doing this music shit, to be honest. Me and him got a lot of songs, a lot of hits coming up. That was one of the songs that I wanted to put out because I felt like it's a hit. It's been a month and the song is going crazy.” “357” (feat. SleazyWorld Go) “I like SleazyWorld Go. His movement kind of looks like mine out here. We've got similarities. I felt like he was going to kill it. SleazyWorld liked it and he dropped a verse. It's crazy. SleazyWorld went crazy on it.” “Quarter Milly” (feat. French Montana) “I know about French a lot, way back in the days. He's still doing his thing; he’s still going crazy. He's got a good relationship with my people, so I wanted to do something with him. We had been talking about doing something, but I hadn't found it yet. That's why he wasn't on Gangsta Grillz. But I had something for him when I did this song. I got the beat from Tay Keith. It’s a fire-ass collab, bro.” “Foreign” (feat. Foreign Teck) “We've been in the studio once before, but we didn't really work on a song that day. We got a great relationship. I know him through Hydro, actually. He sent me a pack and I chose one of the beats and that's the one that got on the album. Then we also worked on a different one he dropped as a single, ‘Gang Affiliated.’”

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