Where You Go I Go Too (With Exclusive Bonus Track)

Where You Go I Go Too (With Exclusive Bonus Track)

Disco never really died; birthed in the 1970s, its legacy has continued into the 21st century and in 2008, there are several artists — Hercules and Love Affair, Glass Candy, Sally Shapiro — breathing new life into the form. Norwegian disconaut Hans-Peter Lindstrøm operates in a place where prog, ambient, and throbbing Euro-dance get cozy. This ain’t minimal techno: melodicism abounds, tracks morph in clear rather than barely perceptible ways, and grandeur is not avoided. The opening 29-minute title track starts off slowly, building an atmospheric bed to blast off from. The beat kicks in, and whooshes, zings, plinks, and countless other tones appear in the course of this extended electronic trip. (There’s even heavy breathing, as if someone is using the cut as a jogging soundtrack, which isn’t a bad idea.) Next up is ten minutes of “Grand Ideas,” with its tense patterns, handclaps, and 1980s groove. That track seamlessly flows into “The Long Way Home,” where guitar unfolds against fast-moving melodic percussion before it all slides into cool disco-cruise mode. The album wraps up with Johan Agebjörn’s rumbling remix of “Grand Ideas.”

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