Ways & Means

Ways & Means

Though its music is rooted in timeless Jamaican reggae, you can’t miss the infectiously mellow aloha vibes from Hawaii band The Green’s sophomore album. “Keep On” opens with a comforting bounce as Caleb Keolanui’s timeless inflections balance a soulful ‘70s style with lyrics anchored to relevant subjects. “Decisions” starts with flawless four-part harmony, which (aside from a penchant for crafting undeniably catchy songs) is the sextet’s secret weapon. The breezy title track warms the ears like tropical winds on wet skin, especially when buttery harmonies ooze down the chorus. “Jah Love” works in underwater-sounding psychedelia and vintage analog keyboards. The more pointed “Transparent People” boasts classic horn-section tones while Keolanui calls out the toxic personality of a despicable anti-muse. Jason Hemphill cameos on the acoustic guitar–based serenade “Come In,” where the marriage of tastefully dialed Auto-Tune glues his stellar vocal phrasing to the band’s impermeable harmonies. “That’s the Way” closes with moody piano notes under a c'est la vie sentiment.

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