WANT - The 2nd Mini Album

WANT - The 2nd Mini Album

Growing up in Seoul, Lee Tae-min—or TAEMIN as he’s now known—wanted to be an airline pilot. That all changed when he discovered the music of Michael Jackson, and he swiftly swapped those dreams for soaring K-pop melodies and energetic dance moves. On the SHINee star’s seven-track mini-album WANT, he continues to channel his idol’s influence, resulting in synth-heavy K-pop anthems. “It showcases a new side of my music,” explains the vocalist. In this Apple Music exclusive, TAEMIN shares the stories behind each song on WANT. “WANT” “It’s an uptempo dance tune that blends disco, R&B, and pop. The song has a sense of charm that is absolutely to die for.” “Artistic Groove” “This is the catchiest song on the album. You hear the melody once and it gets stuck in your head.” “Shadow” “The rhythmic electric guitar and string section create quite a powerful sound. I also deeply connected with the lyrics, which use a shadow as a metaphor for the unforgettable memories of a past love.” “Truth” “There are many love songs, but what was interesting about this one was the use of themes like honesty or truth in order to describe one's feelings of love. The emotional piano and synth sounds are contrasting, but also harmonious; I think they perfectly reflect pure, honest feelings of love.” “Never Forever” “I think the lyric ‘There is no eternity in this world of goodbyes’ will resonate with many people who have experienced heartbreak. I strongly recommend this song to people who want to hurry up and get over a breakup.” “Monologue” “I think this song most accurately reflects the pain in my heart. The piano melody perfectly captures the sadness of a breakup while maintaining a sense of beauty at the same time.”

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