Zeroes QC

Zeroes QC

Montreal’s Suuns play an eclectic blend of prog-rock that owes stylistic debts in the most obscure places. “Arena” traces an elliptical minimalism that could be Tortoise and Trans Am chasing each other in circles. “Armed for Peace” has a death-disco sound all its own, as its analog synths sound as if they’re running out of batteries the longer they race. “Marauder” takes a 2010 spin at what the Soft Machine’s first two albums might have sounded like being birthed in Canada. “Sweet Nothing” packs the band in tight for a Neu!-like trance. “Up Past the Nursery” has a quirky psychedelic crunch that could be a West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band outtake. “PVC” throws the band into the garage for a little guitar-based wood-shedding with appropriately primitive and ghostly results. “Fear” is a quiet ballad taking place in an abandoned church while “Organ Blues” uses an organ and some battering drums to close out this lo-fi, high-anxiety album of modern-day experimental rock.

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