By 1983, the Rolling Stones had done it all, their place in history secure. However, relations within the band were becoming strained and the era of MTV was upon them. Keith Richards was the eternal riff machine, but Mick Jagger was the man in charge of keeping them up to date and he was determined to do so at all costs. So, the rhythms on Undercover become more elaborate, horns and keyboards surface, and the greatest rock n’ roll band in the world sounds a bit less like a rock n’ roll band than a band hired to keep the party going. There are still throwbacks to the classic Stones sound (“She Was Hot,” “Wanna Hold You,” “Too Tough,” “All The Way Down” and “It Must Be Hell”), but the real draw here is the dance floor flash of “Undercover of the Night,” “Tie You Up (the Pain of Love),” “Feel On Baby” and “Too Much Blood.”

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