Two Hunters

Two Hunters

Wolves In the Throne Room prove here that you don’t need corpse paint or blast-beats to create good black-metal. Inspired by Norwegian bands like Darkthrone, Enslaved, Burzum and Emperor, the band also cites Krautrock artists Popul Vuh as an influence. The majestic instrumental “Dia Artio” introduces Two Hunters with cascading walls of ethereal guitar wash, inadvertently reminiscent of the shoegazing guitars heard on early Slowdive EPs, albeit much darker in beauty and more brooding in tone. This bleeds into “Vastness And Sorrow,” which dives into the crushing sonic maelstrom normally associated with black metal. Over driving rhythms, winding distortion, and ascending chords, guitar player and vocalist Nathan Weaver inflects with a witchy shriek that channels the chilling gloom of the Pacific Northwest’s woods. “Cleansing” further exemplifies the band’s sophisticated take on black-metal with classical vocalist Jessika Kenney singing over lush, atmospheric soundscapes that dissolve into a punishing barrage of chaos. They close with the near 20-minute-long evil epic, “I Will Lay Down My Bones Among The Rocks And Stones.”

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