Try Again - EP

Try Again - EP

The Walters’ unlikely backstory is as charming as their music. After dropping a pair of under-the-radar releases in the mid-2010s, the Chicago band split up, only to witness their deliciously mellow ballad “I Love You So” become one of the biggest viral sensations of 2021, a full seven years after its initial release. Fueled by unexpected stardom, the reunited Walters have opened their second act with the aptly titled Try Again. As with “I Love You So,” which kicks off the EP, the accompanying five cuts find singer Luke Olson’s heart-aching drawl set atop jangly guitars and rhythms swaying like dandelion seeds in a summer breeze. The Walters are so intoxicatingly laidback that it’s easy to overlook their sharp knack for plucking ideas from across the pop-music timeline: “Eyes For You” sticks like late-’60s bubblegum; “Lover” reaches back to doo-wop for its bopping harmonies; and “Million Little Problems” possesses all the rich confection of a classic Harry Nilsson tune. It’s clear that the Walters have managed to pick up right where they left off: crafting romantic indie pop that’s as plush and comfy as an overstuffed sofa.

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