Truth Is

Truth Is

In the two years since her debut, the Miami singer-songwriter has endured various trials of growing up that have left a mark on her heart—not only from her experiences with others, but from her own mistakes as well. On her third full-length Truth Is, she gets more into her head. With 2017’s sensuous About Time and its follow-up No Rain, No Flowers, the singer staked her claim as a voice in R&B worthy of global admiration—but on Truth Is, there is no voyage for recognition, just the singer laying out her truth. Claudio vacillates between leaving a toxic lover and being consumed by their poison on the album’s opener “Take One to the Head.” She reflects on the impact of her actions on others on “Hurt People,” and how being hit with the hardships of love has impacted her mental health on “On My Shoulders.” The album’s title track is the most revealing—a measured revelation with declarations like “Truth is that I want this, ’cause I always see you in my sleep.”

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