Til the Wheels Fall Off

Til the Wheels Fall Off

As a solo artist, Amy Rigby stands at centerstage and admits her insecurities as her voice quakes in confirmation of her vulnerability. “Why Do I” asks the question of why she seeks out loneliness, misery and any misfortune that can further her comfort in being sad. “Even the Weak Survive” is Darwinian selection in reverse. “Shopping Around” sends her off the dating scene and back to her apartment to drink alone. “Are We Ever Gonna Have Sex Again?” is both funny and sad, as Rigby’s humor can’t stop the aging process and the cynicism that guides a too-broken heart. Todd Snider joins her for the bluesy title track. When she turns to her daughter for support (“Don’t Ever Change”), the teen is too wrapped up in her own earphone-wearing world to hear the parental static. Whether she’s wearing her “Breakup Boots” or not, Rigby’s expecting the worst and ready with her notebook and guitar to make sure it gets put to music.

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