Therapy isn’t just a title for German pop artist Zoe Wees: She treats the vocal booth as a healing mechanism, a chance to work through a gamut of emotions in an honest, vulnerable way. From being raised in a single-parent household to the stresses of dealing with anxiety and health issues while pursuing her career, Therapy is Wees’ way of frankly and transparently chronicling the ups and downs of her life while extending a hand to anyone going through similar experiences. On “Control,” she describes the horrifying bubble of oncoming anxiety, putting words to feelings that are often beyond vocabulary. “Early in the morning I still get a little bit nervous/Fighting my anxiety constantly, I try to control it/Even when I know it's been forever, I can still feel the spin/Hurts when I remember and I never wanna feel it again,” she sings. Despite these moments of exhaustion and frustration at illnesses that never seem to fully subside, Wees offers plenty of inspiring wisdom. On “Don’t Give Up,” she turns the mirror away from herself and offers some words of advice for her fans: “When the world turns upside down/And you're falling to the ground/And the ocean's in the sky/Don't give up, no, no.”

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