The Zug

The Zug

The colors of Yves Jarvis’ album sleeves are meant to respect the records’ respective moods, which makes the double rainbow on the cover of The Zug feel especially significant. Jean-Sébastien Yves Audet’s fourth self-produced solo album under the alias bears all the hallmarks of the Canadian musician’s previous work, nestling his hushed, multi-tracked vocals inside homespun bedroom soul; but the colors are brighter, the melodies more vivid. A kaleidoscopic jumble of acoustic strumming, funk bass, and loose drums, “At the Whims” could be a lost gem of Brazilian Tropicália. “You Offer a Mile” sculpts its polyrhythmic groove into a triumphant chorus. And on the autobiographical “Bootstrap Jubilee,” he vows to “coalesce into a higher form of being”—confirmation that, for Audet, psychedelia isn’t just a vibe, it’s a way of life.

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