The Wind

The Wind

When announcing his terminal cancer in September 2002, Warren Zevon cheekily hoped that he'd live to see the next James Bond flick. That wasn't all he packed into his last days, though. He added one more stellar album to his catalog. Life'll Kill Ya and My Ride's Here had intimated a close understanding of death-not to mention a gallows humor-that reached an all too real pitch on The Wind. "Disorder in the House" was an obvious metaphor, and the likes of "Dirty Life & Times" and "She's Too Good for Me" - the sort of rapscallion rhapsodies that always peopled his discs - took on an extra layer of meaning in context. Zevon's version of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" had an unavoidable chill that a hundred other covers didn't. And the closing "Keep Me in Your Heart," a lovely goodbye song, might have become a standard if it had made sense in anyone else's voice.

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