Editors’ Notes Christina Perri was a 23-year-old waitress with fledgling musical ambitions playing a second priority while she worked in a Beverly Hills café to pay the bills. There she met the choreographer of So You Think You Can Dance? who featured her piano ballad “Jar of Hearts” on the popular television reality show. Over the next two weeks her song was downloaded over 100,000 times, catching the interest of Atlantic Records who signed Perri and released The Ocean Way Sessions EP. Recorded at Ocean Way Studios in L.A., “Bang Bang Bang” opens blending bouncy piano-pop with hints of Broadway musical pizzazz as Perri confidently croons like a slightly tougher Sara Bareilles. Her voice inflects with slightly raspier tones on the standout tune “Black + Blue” where a lazy, twangy, slide-guitar nicely contrasts livelier drumming. The breezy “Daydream” reveals that Perri can sing harmonies as well as anyone else on the pop charts while “Tragedy” shows that she can also pull pretty melodies from a melancholy musing. The best is saved for last with a fleshed out version of “Jar of Hearts.”

Bang Bang Bang (Live At Ocean Way Studios)
Black + Blue (Live At Ocean Way Studios)
Daydream (Live At Ocean Way Studios)
Tragedy (Live At Ocean Way Studios)
Jar of Hearts (Live At Ocean Way Studios)

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