The Morning (All of the Songs)

The Morning (All of the Songs)

Available as a stand-alone debut album or in this edition—which includes the debut album and every EP and song Lewis Watson had put out to this point—The Morning completes the first phase of the U.K. singer’s young career. At just 16, he put up a YouTube video of himself playing his guitar; soon after, the music business and a sizable audience took notice. The early EPs were often skeletal recordings that captured Watson’s natural innocence and charm, while other EPs served as a prep for where his sound would go. “Into the Wild,” for example, is the same version on EP and LP. Fortunately, while the production is stepped up a bit for the album, it rarely interferes with Watson’s genuine talent. “Outgrow” overcomes its clever production of shuffling beats, double-tracked vocals, and orchestration because, in the end, the melody is beautiful and Watson’s commitment is unshakeable. “Ghost” centers on acoustic guitars and numerous vocal harmonies that complement Watson’s forlorn melody. “Stay” further demonstrates Watson’s sense of beauty. The album version of “Windows” builds on the strengths of the earlier EP version. “Castle Street” includes a “hidden” track, so stick around.

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