The Colour of My Love

The Colour of My Love

Céline Dion’s 1992 self-titled album made her a household name in English Canada; its 1993 follow-up, The Colour of My Love, made her a global icon. In fact, Dion could already stake her claim as the most captivating voice in adult-contempory pop before the first song even hits its second verse. The opening cover of Jennifer Rush’s 1984 hit “The Power of Love” counts as one of Céline’s career-defining performances, its gently quivering verses gradually giving way to a stratospheric chorus that feels like the first rays of the morning sun beaming up over the horizon. The Colour of My Love features several more showcases of Dion’s power-ballad prowess, but it also highlights her ability to coax the big emotions from a variety of different settings: On “Think Twice,” her slow-burning vocals bridge the gap between smoky soft-rock synths and fiery blues-rock guitar solos, while her sweetly amorous duet with Clive Griffin on the Sleepless in Seattle theme “When I Fall in Love” shored up her stature as pop’s reigning soundtrack queen a good five years before “My Heart Will Go On,” from Titanic, won the Oscar for Best Original Song. With over 20 million copies sold worldwide, The Colour of My Love thrust Dion to the rarefied echelon of fame that she’d inhabit for decades to come. But even as her star was rocketing skyward, the funky R&B of “Misled” and Euro-club grooves of “Refuse to Dance” betrayed a lingering desire to get down on the dance floor.

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