The Body Wins

The Body Wins

Denton, Texas–based Sarah Jaffe has made a maturing stylistic jump with her second album, 2012's The Body Wins. Where her debut album, Suburban Nature, featured an acoustic folk singer finding her way through personal pain, The Body Wins explores new textures, with the piano-based "The Way Sound Leaves a Room" and the piano, strings, and woodwinds of "Fangs" bringing a depth of sound that's pure and powerful. "Fangs," in particular, builds up a choir of voices to make its impact rich and defined. "Glorified High" throws together a distorted beat and ominous synths to lead the way to a grand but ironic celebratory chorus. "Mannequin Woman" starts with a ticking piano counting down the seconds until the sound opens to sweeping vistas that support an early-'80s pop vibe and lyrics that mention her friends and counselor. The confessional writing makes for an intense closeup, but it's given room to breathe with production by John Congleton that transforms Jaffe into an artist with a modern edge. 

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