Here We Stand

Here We Stand

There's something uniquely British about The Fratellis’ sound — perhaps it’s the soccer-anthem swagger that seems to inflate many of their songs, or maybe it’s the pub-flavored piano and wild, Pogues-style energy running throughout — and it certainly adds to their charm. (There is also an occasional Beatles-esque sound to the vocals of Jon Fratelli, especially when backed by drummer Mince Fratelli.) The opening track, “My Friend John,” opens with galloping bongos (!) that segue into ferocious, spaghetti-western guitars — whose genius idea was that? The song feels like jumping on a young, unbroken pony, and it ends too soon (check out a track by fellow Glaswegians, Sons and Daughters, called “Johnny Cash” for a similar ride). First single, “Mistress Mabel,” along with “A Heady Tale” and the gritty “Tell Me A Lie,” are boisterous and bawdy fun, while “Baby Doll” and “Lupe Brown” celebrate the Merseybeat sound. Album closer “Milk & Honey” is a wonderful surprise, morphing into an all-out rocker half way through, and the bonus track here, “Jesus Stole My Baby” is from the UK release of the album, and we’re lucky to have it; it’s one of the strongest tracks.

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