Tales of the Inexpressible

Tales of the Inexpressible

Starting from the already lofty heights of their debut, Are You Shpongled?, Tales of the Inexpressible expands Sphongle’s sonic palette to include rhythms and melodies from around the world, including flamenco guitar, African drumming, and Latin percussion. Densely packed and endlessly intriguing, Simon Posford (aka Hallucinogen) and Raja Ram segue smoothly from one idea to another to create a seamless work that merges many styles and textures and bursts with imagination and energy. Acoustic guitar and cello blend with drum and bass loops and snippets of synthesizer, as Ram’s inspired flute playing soars above the psychedelic mix (and in addition, the brief “Flute Fruit” proves a fitting outro to the album). Vocals are featured on some of the songs, including the gorgeous voice of Abigail Gordon who provides one of the album’s dreamiest passages on “Once Upon a Sea of Blissful Awareness.” Lush, cohesive, and immaculately crafted, Tales of the Inexpressible is nothing short of breathtaking.

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